anthology series / 5 x 30 min / 2022
An anthology series of five short films, where the emotianal theme is Longing. Stories and experiences collected from the audience are the base for the five films produced in the series.

The most recent episodes (from 2022) are Mirage and the Hunt

The previous episodes are:

Shukran Habibi
Christian is a familyman in a friendly but cold marriage. When he meets asylumseeker Mohamed a deep friendship develops between them. Their friendship is threatened both by Mohameds deportation and by islamic religion.
Hello God
10 year old Alma lives with her alcoholic grandmother. When she gets a new friend everything feels fantastic, but soon they are forbidden to play together.

I want you
Liv is a young, urban woman who leaves a complicated relationship. She soon finds herself in a tragicomic limbo searching for true love.

The series is available at YLE Areena in Finland: https://arenan.yle.fi/1-4561015

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documentary / 29.30 min / 2020

”When I was born I had too little oxygen in my brain, I think that’s unfair” says Yvonne. She’s sharing her story on the main stage of Svenska Teatern in Helsinki. She is doing this for the audience to understand her better and get ”some homework for thought” to bring with them home.

Director: Anna Blom
Photographer: Ditte Uljas, Ralf Heins
Editor: Tuomo Leino 
Sounddesign: Risto Iiissalo
Grading: Jussi Myllyniemi 
Production: Anna Blom for Svenska Yle/Maria Lundström

Vierge Moderne
documentary / 28 min / 2017

The grungegeneration has turned 40, how did it all turn out? Vierge Moderne is a series that examines this age, the end of youth and the start of the middle-age. 15 women discuss what it means to be a woman right now, right here. In the essay films five themes are discussed more closely: Body, Desire, Career, Motherhood and Time.

Directors: Karin Tötterman and Anna Blom
Photo: Ditte Uljas, Malin Korkeasalo, Anna Blom and Karin Tötterman
Editor: Dominika Daubenbüchel
Graphic design: Rikard Lassenius
Producer: Anna Blom for Svenska Yle/Lotta Wigelius-Wulff

documentary / 30 min / 2017

Pride, a wonderful, euphoric emotion but at the same time something you don’t want to be public with? The film Pride is investigating this emotion through the stories of a few main-characters. Soroush Mehrabkhani came to Finland as a little boy and it was hard for him to integrate. Today he is proud to be able to tell the story about how he got out of this difficult situation. Other main-characters are Carita Liljendahl, who got over a traumatic divorce and Inga-Britt Qvarnström who is proud over her dad. The choir Out’n Loud makes a flashmob and Harriet Fagerholm tells us about her come-back after a burn-out. All main-characters are sharing stories about a deep emotion of pride over something they achieved or lived through in their lives.

Directors: Anna Blom and Ville Tanttu
Photo and Edit: Ville Tanttu
Producer: Anna Blom for Svenska Yle/Hans Sundqvist
Three hopes
documentary / 30 min / 2017

Three Hopes is a story about three young people who have had trouble finding their way in life. William, Sofi and Hanna share their view on life.

Directors: Anna Blom and Ville Tanttu
Producer: Anna Blom for Svenska Yle/Hans Sundqvist

Permission to Operate
short film / 30 min / 2016

The film Permission to Operate is the story about a single mother who struggles to balance different roles in her life, when her passion for a man overshadows her love of her child. The film has been screened at filmfestivals, notably the festival Love and Anarchy in Helsinki and it won the Award of Excellence at the international filmfestival in Jakarta, Indonesia.

The script for Permission to Operate won the competition Novellfilm 2015 and the film is financed by YleFem, the Finnish Film Foundation and Svenska Kulturfonden.
Script and Director: Anna Blom
Cinematographer: Ville Tanttu
Cast: Alma Pöysti, Wilhelm Grotenfelt and Liv Wikström.
Production: Studio Lumo/Ville Tanttu

My Helsinki

documentary / 28 min / 2014

The town itself is a main-character in the documentary film My Helsinki The stories and the favourite places that the citizens share paint a portrait of a small capital where nature and urban culture are strongly intertwined.

The film can be seen at the platform Yle Areena here: https://arenan.yle.fi/1-50089723

Directors: Anna Blom and Ville Tanttu
Photo: Ville Tanttu
Edit: Ville Tanttu and Anna Blom
Producer: Anna Blom for Yle Fem/Peter Berndston

Home sweet home
documentary / 28 min / 2012

A documentary film about a few people and their thoughts on home, security and life.

Directors: Anna Blom and Ville Tanttu
Producer: Anna Blom for Peter Berndston/Yle Fem

My Place on Earth
documentary / 29.30 min / 2013

The main-characters in the film show places in nature that are important to them and they tell us about themselves and their thoughts.

Directors:  Anna Blom and Ville Tanttu
Cameraassistants: Paco Bouazza, Teemu Lehmusruusu and Pekka Turunen
Producer: Anna Blom for YLE Fem/Peter Berndtson

The Chosen Ones
documentary / 52 min / 2013

The Finnish National Ballet are traveling to the Bolshoi theatre in Moscow to perform with the Rite of Spring by Igor Stravinsky and Vaclav Nijinsky. This is the first time that the company are performing at the Bolshoi. It’s a historical event and a great challenge for the National ballet.

The film “the Chosen Ones” is the story about how three dancers, Maki Nagagawa, Mira Ollila and Auri Ahola prepare for the journey to Moscow. They share their thoughts and feelings during rehearsals and during the journey to perform at the Bolshoi.
Director: Ditte Uljas
Photo: Ditte Uljas and Ville Tanttu
Editor: Okku Nuutilainen
Producer/sound/interviews: Anna Blom for YLE Fem/Peter Berndtson

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The silent singer
documentary / 58 min / 2011

A documentary film about friendship, love and creativity. The DuvTeatern consists of mentally disabled actors and  a few professional theatre workers. The film follows the rehearsals and the opening evening of  the DuvTeater’s version of Carmen at The Finnish National Opera in Helsinki.

Mother is always mother
documentary / 29.30 min / 2009

Emelie used to drink a bottle of Koskenkorva a day, her daughter Pamela always forgave her. Today Emelie has quit drinking. A tv-documentary about alcoholism.

Director: Anna Blom
Camera and edit: Ville Tanttu
Producer: Anna Blom for Seportaget FST5/Peter Berndtson
Stories from Nepal
documentary series / 5 x 7-8 min / 2008

A series of short documentaries for and about children. The nepelese children have decided themselves what stories they would like to share. The stories are embedded in the nepalese everyday life, that actually isn’t that different from ours.

Camera and Edit:
Ditte Uljas

Director and producer: Anna Blom
Panso and Ellen
documentary / 30 min / 2007

Panso and Ellen is a documentaryfilm about the thoughts and dreams of two girls living in different parts of the world. Panso Orkaido lives in southern Ethiopia, Ellen Liman lives in the south of Finland. They are from different cultures but they have a lot in common. They value the same things in life: friends and the dream of traveling.

Camera and Edit: Ditte Uljas
Director and producer: Anna Blom

Hunting magic momentsdocumentary / 29.30 min / 2006

A road-movie about the finnish funk-band Eternal Erection.

Director: Anna Blom
Edit and Photo: Ville Tanttu
Producer: Anna Blom for Yle5/Peter Berndtson

The Silent Children
documentary / 28 min / 2005

“The Silent Children” is a tv-documenatry about Emmy and her family. Emmy has a hearing disorder since she was born. She can hear some with the help of a cochlear implant, but she still needs a lot fo help when she starts school together with hearing children.

Director: Anna Blom
Photo: Ditte Uljas
Edit: Ville Tanttu
Producer: Anna Blom for Seportaget FST5/Peter Berndston

På Luffen
TV-series / 8 x 30 min / 2008

På Luffen – in free translation ”On the road”, a travelseries for young back-packers. The series was produced for YLE FST5 during 2004-2008. The hosts (Joakim Haldin and Anna Blom, Karin Tötterman, Sonja Kailassaari and Mikaela Sonck) traveled through places like eastern Europe, Balkan, Africa, the Nordic countries and India. Many of the series where broadcast in scandinavian channels outside Finland as well (SVT,NRK, RUV, DR)

The Pizzaking
documentary / 30 min / 2003

A documentary about the successful pizza-businessman Rabbe Grönblom.

Director: Anna Blom
Photo: Ditte Uljas
Producer: Anna Blom for Yle5/Peter Berndtson
Stories from Bangladesh
documentary series / 5 x 7 min / 2010

Stories from Bangladesh is a series of short documentaries about the impact of climate-change on the lives of children in Bangladesh. Asma, Nassir, Omay, Jhuma and Rajah tell their story. The series was broadcast in Finland and Sweden.

Camera and edit: Ditte Uljas
Director and producer: Anna Blom