A film and TV production company with empathy and edge.

At Jamedia we create stories for the film and TV industry in Finland and globally. We want to entertain and challenge the audience at the same time.

How we work

We are a small and agile company, with strong relations to our local partners. We collaborate in different teams with talent and professionals, depending on the needs of each production. Our production culture is fun, inclusive and sustainable. We work in our local languages Swedish and Finnish and also in English. 

Recent productions ︎︎︎

The Night My Brother Disappeared

documentary / 70 min / 2022 
On the 3rd of October 2013, just off the small island Lampedusa, 369 refugees drown when their boat sink. Adal Neguse, an eritrean man based in Stockholm, lost his brother in this disaster. To be able to grief his brother, Adal investigate what actually happened that night. He interviews survivors and Lampedusans who saved people from the sea. Slowly a picture is painted of what happened, and Adal meets someone who remembers his brother from that night. The film becomes a work of grievance that gives a face to one of the 369 people who died.
The documentary will have its International premiere at IDFA in november 2022. The film will be screened in the Frontlight section.

Director: Anna Blom
Ditte Uljas
Dominika Daubenbüchel, Tommi Seitajoki
Anna Blom, Tommi Seitajoki for Impressio films

Hägring (Mirage)

short film / 30 min / 2022
Nina Wrede is a divorced woman who lives with her teenage daughter in Helsinki. She has an intense, virtual love-affair with a man she has never met in reality. The man seems to be a scammer, but Nina chooses to love him anyway.

Mirage is a film about love and intimacy in a digital era, a lovethriller about a woman who pushes the boundaries of acceptable behaviour. The film raises questions about love, fantasy, identity, sex and intimacy in a world where many realitites co-exist.
Script & Director: Anna Blom
Cinematographer: Ville Tanttu
Editing: Kenneth Klaile
Sound: Svante Colerus
Music: Andreas af Enehielm
Cast: Mia Hafrén, Kris Gummerus, Livia Wikström, Linda Zilliacus
Producers: Anna Blom, Mete Sasioglu